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Face Oil Jojoba CV Primary Essence

Increases the skin's smoothness by 37%.

Reduces facial lines and wrinkles providing a smooth and rejuvenated appearance.

Provides excellent hydration in the most sensitive skin.

It is not comedogenic (it does not produce pimples), on the contrary, it dissolves the fat, which makes it inprescindible in anti-acne treatments and in combination skins.

Active principles:

It contains 96% ceramides. The ceramides cover the epidermal cells and balance the hydration of the skin.

It contains vitamin E that acts on free radicals, responsible for premature aging.

Rich in fatty acids that act as dermal regenerators.

Mode of use:

Apply on the clean face as a facial moisturizer.

Mix with the corresponding cream, mask, peel or Quinta Essenza following the Natural Cosmetic Visage work protocol.

Ingredients: Buxus Chinensis 100%

Presentation: 60ml

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