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Basil Essential Oil Mon Deconatur

It has a tonic effect of the nervous system, its aromatic action is positive. Your smell repels mosquitoes.

Therapeutic key: It is the plant of the stressed "yuppie", with anguish and insomnia due to worries.

Stress, anguish: 2 drops on a neutral tablet once a day.

Mental: Promotes concentration, acts on emotions; elevates the mood.

Massage: Oil suitable for working overloaded muscles.

Cosmetic use: Detoxifies the skin, improving the tone, in cases of opaque or congested facial color.

Basil is an excellent insect repellent, it is useful in the summer because it moisturizes and calms the skin after the sun.

Ideal to combine with patchouli, rosemary and lemon in a morning shower.

Presented in bottles of 12ml. With dropper.

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