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    Natural Coconut Bowls
    Natural Coconut Bowls
    Natural Coconut Bowls

Natural Coconut Bowls

Coconut Bowls are environmentally friendly bowls that you will want to have in your kitchen.

Very versatile, they can be used for potatoes, granola, salads ... Everything will have a more appealing and natural look.

These coconut bowls are handmade, from real coconuts recovered after being discarded as waste.

Each coconut is cut, sanded, treated and cleaned.

Each bowl has its own shape, size, color and markings.

Each coconut bowl is unique, just like you!

Coconuts are polished on both sides

* Spoon not included

Dimensions of each bowl:

-Middle diameter 13cm

- Depth 6cm

Process and materials:

- 100% Organic

- Reusable

- Easy to clean

- Safe for food

- Handmade

- Made from real coconuts

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